Optional Responsive Template

Why ensure that your website is mobile-friendly? These numbers from Pew Research tell the story:

- 90% of American adults have cell phones
- 63% use those phones to go online (to view websites, etc)
- 34% use smart phones as their primary web-browsing device
- 25% use smart phones as their ONLY web-browsing device

Bottom line - library sites without a mobile-friendly solution may fail to reach at least 25% of patrons.

The new responsive template is a perfect solution. All of your patrons - including the growing percentage that use mobile devices - can now easily view and access 100% of your website content.

Our standard sites come with a mobile module that displays a subset of your content in mobile-friendly format. The responsive template takes this to the next level, presenting 100% of your site content in a format easily viewable in all devices, not matter what size.

Your full-sized site WITHOUT the responsive template...


The completely responsive template on the right is easy to read - with all content re-arranged to appear in a single column, and easy to navigate: Full-sized menu automatically replaced by mobile-friendly menu.

Your full-sized site using the responsive template...

Responsive Mobile Size

For a closer look at a complete responsive library website,
attend one of the regular weekly webinar demonstrations.

Costs: There is a one-time setup fee of $250 for the fully responsive template.