Optional Event Registration Module

A new event registration component is available to all libraries that use our standard event calendar on their website. Specifications are outlined below:

Creating the Event (Library Staff)
Event Registration
Upon entering a new event, library staff can specify if registration is required. They may enter a registration start and end date, and set a limit on the total number of registrations that can be accepted. Any and all of these parameters can be changed / edited by library staff at any time.

On the public view of the calendar, any event for which registration is required will display a "Registration Now" button, if the current date is within the registration period.

If the event has already received the allowable number of registrations, a message will indicate that the event is full. The patron will be placed on a waiting list and automatically notified if space becomes available.

Viewing and Registering for Events (Library Patrons)

When a patron clicks on the button to register for an event, they will be given the option to create a library event registration account. Though not required, doing so will allow the patron to log back in at any time to view / edit their registrations.

Regardless of whether an account is created, all users will continue on to an event registration form that captures all required information, including the event title and date, patron name, phone number, email, and the number of people attending. For patrons who have created an account, many of these fields will be pre-populated.

Once the event registration form is completed and submitted, the registration information will be transmitted to the library, and the patron will receive a confirmation via email.

Patrons that have created a registration account will be able to log in at any later date and view / edit their registration(s).

Viewing / Managing Event Registrations (Library Staff)
Library staff may log in at any time and view the ongoing results for events that required registration.

Release Date and Costs
The event registration module is available now. It carries a one-time installation fee of $350, and an annual service fee of $100.