If you live within the Parchment School District you can get a free Parchment Library card.
If you don't live in our district, you're probably eligible for a free "Reciprocal" or "MI Library" card through an agreement with your home library.  (See "Reciprocal" and "MI Library" below.)


1. General policy:
Membership cards are in effect for a period of one year unless the member moves out of the library district.
Anyone who is 18 or older may obtain a card without the signature of a parent or guardian by presenting a driver's license or state identification card.
Borrowing privileges are withheld if books are 3 weeks overdue or if fines exceed $2.00.
To renew membership, patron must show photo identification with current address, return all overdue items and pay all fines.
Anyone under 18 must have membership applications approved by a parent or guardian. Applications do not leave the library and must be completed at the library. The parent or guardian must present proof of eligibility. If the parent or guardian has a library card, that account must be in good standing before the child's card may be issued.
2. Eligibility:
Parchment Library District: All residents of the Parchment Library District (whose boundaries are the same as the Parchment School District) are eligible for membership cards without charge. Identification is required. (See below)
Property owners: Persons owning property or a business in the library district are eligible for membership cards without charge. Proof of ownership (property tax receipts) as well as identification is required.
Non-Resident Teachers: Non-resident teachers employed by the Parchment School District may request a special Teacher's Card which is good for the current school year. Identification is required.
Reciprocal library patrons: Residents of the Kalamazoo Library District and the Portage Library District are eligible for a reciprocal borrowing card upon presentation of a valid Kalamazoo Public Library or a Portage District Library card and identification.
MI Library Card patrons: Non-residents whose home libraries participate in the MiLibraryCard program and who present a valid card from their home library may apply for a reciprocal Parchment Community Library card. Photo identification is also required.  Click here to see a list of participating MiLibraryCard libraries.
Non-Resident Seniors: Non-residents 65 years or older are eligible for a free card. Identification is required.
Non-residents: Non-residents may purchase cards on an annual basis, with the same privileges as a resident card. The annual fee purchases a card for each member of the household. Each card will expire one year from the date of payment, and may be renewed at any time after the expiration date upon payment of another annual fee. Fees charged to non-resident members will be set by the library's Board of Trustees subject to annual review. The annual fee is determined by calculating the average annual amount a household within the library district pays in property taxes to support the library. The current annual non-resident fee is: $82.00.
3. Identification:
Photo identification showing current address and date of birth must be presented for those 18 and over. A driver's license or state identification card is strongly preferred; other forms of identification may not be accepted. If the photo id does not show the patron's current address, official mail (such as a bill) is acceptable, but personal correspondence is not. Property tax receipts are required to confirm a non-resident owns property within the district.
4. Replacement cards:
There is no charge for replacement cards.

Approved April 10, 1984
Amended May 8, 1984, February 12, 1985, July 9, 1985, April 12, 1988, April 11, 1989, December 8, 1992, October 10, 2000, May 25, 2004, May 27, 2008

To be eligible for a free library card with the Parchment Community Library as your "home" library, you must be a resident of, or own property within, the Parchment School District. The library is not part of the school system, but our boundaries are the same.

If you are 18 years old or older, you must present a valid photo ID (a Michigan driver license or Michigan ID) with your current name and current address on it.

If you have just moved and haven't changed your license yet, bring in a recent piece of mail with your current name and address on it. We recommend you update your license as soon as possible. For a list of local Secretary of State offices, click here.

If you are 17 years old or younger, you must have your parent or guardian with you when you sign up for a library card. Your parent must present his or her driver license (or proof of residence) when you apply for a library card.

If you do not reside within our district, but own property here, please bring both your driver license or Michigan ID and your most recent property tax receipt.

Yes! If you live within the Kalamazoo, Otsego, Plainwell or Portage library districts, and have a library card from your home library, you may obtain a free "reciprocal" card from us. Bring in both your library card and your drivers license or Michigan ID when you apply for a reciprocal card.

Yes! If you live within the district of a participating MiLibraryCard library (which includes many of the public libraries in Michigan), you may obtain a free "reciprocal" card from us. Bring in both your library card and your drivers license or Michigan ID when you apply for a reciprocal card. Click here to see a list of participating MiLibraryCard libraries.

Yes! If you are age 65 or over, you may receive a free "Senior" card from us. You don't need to present a home library card, but please bring in your drivers license or Michigan ID as proof of age and address.

Yes! If you are a teacher within the Parchment School District, you may apply for a special Teacher's Card which may be used only for curriculum-related materials. Please bring in your drivers license or Michigan ID. We encourage Parchment teachers who live outside the library district to consider applying for a reciprocal borrower's card.

Yes! If you are a non-resident and cannot obtain a reciprocal borrower's, Michicard, senior, or teacher's card, you may purchase a non-resident card for $82 per year.

The librarian at the Reference Desk will review your ID, and will enter you name, address, phone number(s), driver license number, and birthdate into our computer system.

Privacy note: We will not share your information with any person or agency, except after receipt of a court order, or as required by a federal agent under the authority of the USA PATRIOT Act.

We will call you later in the day, or the next business day, at the phone number(s) you provided. Once we have confirmed the phone number, we will mail your library card to you. You should receive your card in the mail within the week. If you've waited a week and still haven't received your card, please give us a call at 343-7747.

If you reside in another library district and have applied for a reciprocal library card from us, we'll call your home library to confirm that your card there is in good standing (not blocked due to overdues or fines). If your home library card is in good standing, we'll mail your Parchment Library card to you. If your home library card is not in good standing, we'll call you. Once your home library card is in good standing again, let us know and we'll mail your Parchment card to you.

Yes, you may borrow up to 2 items the day you apply for a card.

Please let us know as soon as you lose your library card. We will immediately put a stop on the card. There is no charge to replace a lost library card. If you have fines or overdue materials, you must pay the fines and return the materials before we can issue you a replacement card.

You are responsible for any items borrowed with your library card, so be careful to keep it in a safe place!

If you loan your card to a friend, you must still pay any fines or replacement fees for any overdue, damaged, or lost materials borrowed by your friend.

If you lose your library card, call us immediately at 343-7747 so that we can put a stop on your card and prevent anyone from borrowing materials with it.

Please let us know as soon as possible after you change your name or address.

If you will remain within our library district, you may keep your current library card.

If you are moving out of our library district but will remain within the state of Michigan, you will be able to re-apply for a reciprocal card as soon as you obtain a card from your home library. Most Michigan public libraries are part of the Michicard system. Remember to bring your home library card and your photo ID with you when you apply for a reciprocal borrowers card.

If you are over 65, you are eligible for a Senior card from us no matter where you live in Michigan.

If you are a teacher in the Parchment School district, you are eligible for a Teachers Card.

While you cannot use your Parchment Library card to directly borrow materials from other libraries, you are eligible for a reciprocal borrower's cardfrom most public libraries in the area. These libraries include Kalamazoo, Otsego, Plainwell, Portage, and all MiLibraryCard participating libraries. You will need to present both your Parchment Library card and your driver license or Michigan ID when you apply.


Charles A. Ransom District Library (Plainwell)

Comstock Township Library

Kalamazoo College Library

Kalamazoo Public Library

Kalamazoo Valley Community College Libraries

Otsego District Library

Portage District Library