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Social Media in One Hour (or Less) Per Week
A Practical Guide for Small and Mid-Sized Public Libraries

Fact #1: Social media has become too big for libraries to ignore. Even small and mid-sized libraries must begin to participate. It's where your patrons are, and where - in increasing numbers - they expect you to be as well.

Fact #2: At the same time, public library budgets and staff are stretched to the limit.


What is the solution? How do you build and maintain a social media presence when you're already stretched to the limit?
The answer is to follow a practical common sense strategy - a strategy designed specifically for small public libraries. A strategy that produces the greatest impact with the least effort.

"Social Media in One Hour (or Less) Per Week" provides that strategy. A step-by-step guide to setting up specific social media accounts, and using those accounts for defined reasons, to deliver defined messages, on a defined schedule. The guide includes links to online tutorials as well, so you can extend your learning even further..

We even provide assistance with WHAT to say in your social media conversations - by letting you choose from a full catalog of popular book, author and general interest topics, already in place, ready to be linked to from your Facebook and Twitter posts.


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In addition to practical, step-by-step instructions, this guide includes many useful tips that even those already deeply involved in social media may not have considered. Here's an example:

These days, people of all ages have cell phones, including teenagers (we all know how much they love 'texting'!) Wouldn't it be great if you could type in one short message on your computer, and with the click of your mouse, have that message delivered directly to the cell phones (via text message) of your library patrons?

This service is available right now. It's free, and it couldn't be easier to use. It's called "Fast Follow". The service is provided by Twitter, but your patrons don't have to have a Twitter account to receive your messages. They simply need to send one short text message to one easy number, and they're in. I know from personal experience (shared in the guide) that people LOVE the simplicity of this system. It's an incredibly easy way to bring library information directly into the hands (literally) of your patrons.

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