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More information about the LibWire Network

What is the LibWire Network?
PiperWebs serves hundreds of libraries across the U.S., and in turn they serve hundreds of thousands of library patrons. The LibWire Network connects all of these libraries, allowing each to benefit from this growing base of shared online features and services.
Libraries already know and understand the value of cooperatives, state networks, and regional consortia. The LibWire Network simply extends this concept to your website and social media. The result is lower costs, higher quality, and improved services for patrons.
The LibWire Network

How does a library join the LibWire Network?
Libraries must first partner with PiperWebs for the design (or redesign) of their website.
All PiperWebs customers are automatically joined into the nationwide LibWire Network.

What are the benefits of the LibWire Network?
Because we work with hundreds of small and mid-sized public libraries, we are able to provide specialized website features and services at a fraction of what it would cost individual libraries to develop independently. Examples include specialized book and video displays, web pages with content that is updated automatically by PiperWebs staff (like a weekly list of New York Times bestsellers), and complete website modules for children and teens.

Most recently, we have begun work on a resource center for library staff, helping individual libraries share and trade templates for in-library marketing, like bookmarks, pdf flyers, and more.

Network News

Latest Network News
2/12/12 - Our new book and video display feature is currently being tested in 20 of our libraries across the country. The feature allows libraries to display product descriptions, book cover images and book trailer videos on their site through an easy content management interface. PiperWebs staff handles all of the backend work.
This new feature allows your patrons to input their own reviews and ratings of the books they have read, and share those with readers across the country. it's monitored by PiperWebs staff - so again, there is little to no work required from an individual library.
A live demo will be available soon. For a preview of the new feature in action, visit this library's site... Piper Mountain Webs, LLC